Day 6…. Holiday *CAL-a-thon* with the Admin

Well, yesterday brought us a few snaffus and issues that caused uploading blog posts to be impossible. Sometimes technical difficulties make me realize just how much we rely on technology!!!!

#Project13 and #Project14 we managed to get up for the *CAL-a-thon*. We did NOT manage to get #Project15 onto the blog. For that, we truly apologize. Ugh…. AHHHHHHH….. nooooooooo!!! All of the words that could fill in that blank, you are more than welcome to add for yourself! LOL However; here’s what we did have for everyone to participate in and have truly enjoyed seeing your finished pieces in the FaceBook Group, and the Event!! Do remember that you need to post photos of your ornaments in both places for it to count towards the prizes!!!!!

#Project13 was the Flocked Wreath, by Laurene. Another super cute, easy and very quick ornament that could have many uses, just by changing how you put the hanger on and what you choose for embellishments.

I chose to make an ornament with my granddaughter’s name on the front, and the year on the back. She will have it added to the box of ornaments and decorations that was started for her last Christmas. Another one of my family’s traditions. One handmade, personalized ornament each year, in a fancy box, ends up being enough to decorate the tree and place settings for 6 at the dinner table, by the time they are 18 years old. Holidays are something very special to me, and I want to make sure that my children and grandchildren have the ability to carry on their own traditions, in their own homes.

#Project14 was my very first ami (amigurumi), and I am a bit proud of her! She has shone me the light on just how easy ami can be!!!

Hopefully today we can manage to get the remainder of the blog posts up. Here’s to hoping it happens!!!! 🥂🍾

Lets hope we can get #projects15-19 up as quickly as possible!!!

Happy Holidays!!


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