Te Puna Aio by Patrina Hollis

Our next square in the Friends CAL was designed by New Zealand designer, Patrina Hollis. You are going to love it! It looks fabulous in one color or more. You can find the pattern on Patrina’s Ravelry Page at the link below.

Pattern link in Ravelry TePunaAio

Video Link TePunaAio Right handed version*

Video Link TePunaAio Left handed version*

*Note that while the pattern is being released early, the video will be available at the usual time of 10:00 CST.

Patrina was the winning designer of our “Design a Scarf” contest. Her beautiful New Vealand scarf, will be featured as a CAL soon! We asked Patrina a little about herself, here is what she shared with us:
Kia ora and greetings from Aotearoa (New Zealand),
My name is Patrina and I am an absolute crochet nut! I was about 8 years old when I first learnt to hook. “Wrap the wool around your hook and poke it through that stitch, wrap the wool around your hook again and pull it through the same stitch ….” OMG! I can still picture my mother teaching me now. Geez she must’ve been one patient woman to put up with me! Together with my Mum’s guidance I completed my very first project. It was a lemon yellow and white granny square
Many years later I’m still hooking, but more so in recent years than ever before. 
I gain inspiration from everything and anything, but FACEBOOK is the main culprit. I prefer to work with 8ply/DK yarn. I dabble with all sorts of projects from blankets to ponchos, bags to amigurumi. I don’t particularly have a project preference. 
I have not publicly designed anything before, but I feel the tides will soon be changing. 
I can go on and on about other things that interest me, so I’d best sum it up with one sentence  ‘Anything found in a craft shop I WANT’ LOL.
If I had a choice I’d hook all day everyday but unfortunately, I need to be an adult and work. I hook as often as my spare time allows. 
May you be blessed with an abundance of crafting yumminess.
Arohanui (with much love) 
Patrina Hollis xxx 
Patrina also tells us that Te Puna Aio was designed in honor of her eldest grandchild. It means pool of tranquility or all things calm. We think you’ll experience exactly that as you work through this square.

Extra Stuff

Yarn Requirements

Check out our post on yarn requirements here.  Here’s what the testers used for this square:

Lynette:  Worsted/Aran, 98 grams

Marjolein:  Stylecraft Special DK, 33 grams

Silvana:  Herrschners Worsted 8, 76.3 grams

Aprille:  Stylecraft Aran, 78 grams

Micki: Worsted, 96 grams

Pattern Location: TePunaAio/Ravelry

Video by Bonnie Barker: 

TePunaAio Video right handed

TePunaAio Video left handed

Important Additional Pattern Info

Don’t forget you will need to add an extra three rounds to your square to achieve the final 48 st/side count which is necessary for joining. You can find the instructions for all squares here. Translations for these additional rounds can be found here.    The extra rounds will vary slightly from week to week because the squares vary in ending stitch counts so be sure to follow the directions for each square.

Enjoy and see you all next week!!!


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