*CAL-a-thon* and Santa

Would you believe Santa stopped by our blog the other day?! He saw all the beautiful work everyone had done, he also saw how much fun everyone had. He decided to collected all the Christmas pattern Silvana, Jo and I designed and bring them back to the North with him to spruce them up for next year. We found a little package under our Admin Christmas Tree addressed to the winners of the Holiday *CAL-a-thon* with the Admin. We suspect it’s a crafty little gift, but we won’t know until our winners post pictures of this gift!!!

Later this year you will see the return of the Holiday *CAL-a-thon* with the Admins and perhaps a few of our patterns will return at that time. For now…. thank you so much for participating and adding to our holiday joy by bringing our patterns to life! The three of us have truly enjoyed the interaction and experience more than we can say. And we look forward to bringing this event back again with many new and fun patterns.

The winner for First to post finished project and all ornaments in event and main group is:

Jo-An Ruth Prevatt

All ornaments and completed wreath

Wreath as displayed in honor of her son on front door. Jo-An was the first to post her completed item with all ornaments, in both the group and the event.

Ka Ma Lo

A beautiful finished project with all of the ornaments and bow included! Ka Ma Lo completed each project and the final wreath with some very pretty decorations!

Sharon Marshall

Sharon gifted a few of her ornaments, not knowing they were needed for the final project, but made some beautiful items, and was among the first members to post completed projects.

Congratulations ladies, I hope you like Santa’s gifts. Please post a picture on our group after you open it. ❤️

Thanks again for participating, until December….

Happy Crocheting

-Laurene, Jo and Silvana

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