Super Bowl Sunday “Coin Toss” Make-a-Long MelRose Neckwarmer

Have you spent the previous years of Super Bowl Sunday sitting on the couch watching the game, wishing you had a crochet project to be busy with as you either watched the game OR wishing you weren’t watching it? Lol Or perhaps huddled into your cozy corner watching Netflix as the entire television is consumed with the same programming for the Super Bowl game??? The anticipated coin toss can bring so much joy for all crocheted today! Busy hands watching the game, or Netflix binge watching!!! Win-win no matter which team, as long as you are on #teamcal!!

Well which ever side you are on today, football watcher or non-watcher…. we have a special treat for you!!!! Silvana Tabacchi has brought to us an amazing design for the MelRose Neckwarmer, so named after her daughter Melissa Rose. The stitch definition and texture of this piece are absolutely luxurious.

Silvana has been crocheting since she was a small child in Mammola, in the Province of Reggio Calabria, Italy. Her mother, Rosa Maria, and her Great Aunt Maria Rosalia, instilled a great love for all needle craft in her from the tender age of four years old. Her love for crochet, especially, has grown over time and she has decided to start sharing her designs with the crochet community as a way to nurture their fondness of the craft as well. She has previously shared a few designs, and is one of the designers for Friends Around the World 3 CAL which will be released later this spring! And I personally hope that we will see many more designs to come. You can see more of her crochet and needle craft on her Facebook page here.


  • 1 Caron Cake – or 383 yds (350m) – 7.1 oz (200gr)
  • Hook: Size H (5.0mm)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Optional: stitch markers, decorative buttons

Don’t forget: there will be a prize for first completed project posted into the event which can be found here if a member of Cal – Crochet Along, and ALSO one prize for “designer choice” (which you will have until Wednesday to post into the group to be considered for this prize as we are aware that not all members are in the same time zones!!)


Word Document: MelRose Neck Warmer by S. Tabacchi – Part 1

PDF File: MelRose Neck Warmer by S. Tabacchi – Part 1

PART TWO: (will be released at Half Time of Super Bowl – right here!)

Made by: Felicia

Made by: Tawnya

Made by: Jackie

Made by: Britta

Made by: Marjolein

#TEAMCAL for the win no matter which team you are (or perhaps are not) rooting for!!!



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