Super Bowl Sunday “Coin Toss” Make-a- Long MelRose Neck Warmer

As I sat at my computer this morning looking at all of the beautiful MelRose neck warmers, my heart really swelled with awe and delight.  It was truly a difficult decision to choose one of them as “Designer’s choice.”  The first one completed, was easy enough, it arrived speedily on its own, from Michelle Sanders.  Boy, her hook must have been flying during the game.  And probably not a stitch out of place.   Looking through them all, not only did I see the beauty in each one, but I pictured all of the nimble fingers working away on something that originated as a thought in my head.  How amazing is it now a days to make connections with people all over the world!!  And all because of our shared love/addiction to yarn.  Talk about a common thread!!


So, looking through them all, I took my time and let each one give me its message.  Really, they all “spoke” to me.  So I searched within myself, listened really carefully, and this is what I decided.  Allie Cobbs, your gorgeous multi-colored MelRose reminded me of a beautiful rainbow after an otherwise dreary day  Eventually the sun comes out and brings with it some glory. I have certain colors I gravitate towards and I am pretty predictable.  These however, are now showing me that I can step beyond my usual colors and enjoy what else is out there.  I saw the time you submitted your photo and how you wrote that you stayed up pretty late working on it.  That is truly dedication, and I hope that those hours spent working on it provided you with a sense of peace and relaxation.  That is how I feel when I am immersed in a project and am into a certain zen zone.  I remember as a child, my mom, would be up late working on something.  My dad would shout down to her in the wee hours, (in Italian though),  “Rose, are you coming to bed?”


Michelle Sanders, yours did speak to me as well.  It reminds me of a beautiful beach, with the ocean waves lapping ever so gently and the tranquil waters showing off their beautiful tones of blue.  This particular colorway is what I usually reach for.  As a Pisces, and the birthstone Aquamarine, I tend to gravitate to these colors more often than not.  So, it made sense to me that this one was the first submitted.

Congratulations to Michelle and Allie, and also to EVERYONE that took the time to participate in this.  You are all Winners in my eyes.

I would really like to say that I was quite humbled by everyone’s participation and positive comments.  I also want to thank everyone that contributed in making this the success that it was.  During that time, Laurene, Jo and I were messaging each other as we saw the numbers of people joining the event.  We were so amazed and excited.  Thank you both for being major supporters and encouraging me with this from the beginning, moving the pattern along to the amazing testers, and then promoting it via Instagram, and Facebook page.  Those “blasts” really managed to find everyone and allow you to share in the pattern.  And all of this takes a LOT of time!  You were more than generous with it.

As you saw in previous postings, the scarf is named for my daughter Melissa Rose, and my mom, Rosa Maria.  Rose is a very special name in my family and goes back to my great-grandmother of whom I have fond memories from my early childhood in Italy. It is a popular name in my family, with my great aunt, and also my beautiful niece Suzanne Rose.  With this pattern, I hope I have done them all proud.

A big thanks EVERYONE!  I love them ALL!!















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