Jeweled Waves Scarf CAL

Second place in the Design-a-Scarf Contest went to the Jeweled Waves Scarf, designed by Jo Schaefer (little ol’ me lol). This is the first full sized pattern I have ever shared publicly. You may recall that I had several ornaments in the Holiday Cal-a-Thon with the Admin for Christmas, but this is the first time I am sharing a pattern with our members and the crochet community that isn’t 3″ tall hahaha. When I designed this scarf the main thing I had in mind was making a scarf that would not be too heavy when made long enough for us really tall ladies!!! This scarf works up at just over eight feet long, yes that’s right, 8′ long!! (The pattern has notes for making it shorter, or longer in case you are taller than my 6′ frame). It is so hard to find clothes that fit properly…. the cut, the hang, the drape… clothing just isn’t made for those of us taller than 5’9″ en masse.

The open lacy stitch work of this pattern will keep you warm, but will also not weigh you down under the heft of yards of fabric!!! Part 1 of this scarf releases at 12 pm EST on March 8, 2019. Part 2 will be released at 12 pm EST on March 13, 2019. Be sure you are a member of our FaceBook Group which can be found HERE. The event, which will have all the information can be found HERE.

The Jeweled Waves Scarf Supply List:

•G – 4mm hook

•Yarn needle


•500 grams of yarn – size 4 – Aran weight (17.5 ounces – 985 yards)

**I used a self striping yarn, Mystic Waves Yarn, product made by: “Stitch Studio by Nicole” in Redwood Grove colorway. Variegated yarn has too short of a color change and can make the scarf look busy. Ombré yarn and gradient yarns also work well**

Can be found here: Pattern link

I am so looking forward to seeing all the amazing scarves, in all the yummy yarns, on all of you awesome members!!!

Happy Crocheting,


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