The New V-Land Scarf

Patrina Hollis, a native New Zealander, and crocheter extraordinaire, has created this stunning scarf…. and brought not only beauty, but function to the tried and true patterns we have all crocheted as we learned how to hook. The innovative “V” shape of the scarf allows it to be worn as a scarf OR a cowl. The point makes a lovely focal point if worn to the back, yet also covers the neck for added warmth, and style, if worn to the front.

From her very first lemon and white Granny Square doll blanket to her ponchos, bags, amigurumi and blankets, Patrina is a “absolute crochet nut”. She learned to crochet at the age of 8 from her mother, and has never turned back. She gains inspiration from Facebook and everything and anything else!! Her first public design was the gorgeous Te Puna Aiosquare she recently released for FATW3.

This CAL will be starting at 2pm NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Time) on March 2, 2019 – which equates to 8pm EST, March 1, 2019 for all of us in the United States. (and just a little help for every one of our friends Around the world …. a count down clock to make it easier!!!!!)

The event for this cal can be found HERE in our Facebook Group which can be found HERE.

The New V-Land Scarf Supply List:

  • 428 meters of self striping yarn
  • Hook: 5mm or one full size larger than recommended for yarn for proper draping effect
  • Stitch markers – at least 3
  • Yarn needle
  • Optional – beads, tassel

Don’t miss out on this stunning scarf cal!!! I cannot wait to see what your skills will bring from this amazing pattern!!!

Happy Crocheting,


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