Garden of Dreams CAL


You aren’t dreaming!  This extraordinary blanket is being offered as a CAL with part one debuting on March 14th at 4:00 am EST!  The beautiful flower motifs and rich textures are going to take you right to the middle of an English garden!  The CAL was originally held in Finland, it was designed by Anne Vierimaa of Anceliga Design who you may know as one of the designers of  the Kalevala CAL.  We asked Anne to share a little about herself …

“I am a 40-year-old mother of four children, three dogs, and the wife of one man.  I am a clothing artisan, have studied economics, and have also worked as a graphics designer.  I love to create colorful and beautiful things.”

“My mother and grandmother used to make a lot of handicrafts, and I learnt my first crochet stitches before I was of school age. For me, crocheting is a kind of care for the soul, bringing out my creativity, joy and inspiration.  When I have completed something, I feel proud that I, myself, have designed and made it.  It is a pleasure to show it.”

The Garden of Dreams blanket is made up of six different flowers (dahlia, pansy, poppy, anemone, lily, peony) as well as a border.  Anne was inspired for the design while thinking about her garden after a long Finland winter, where gardening isn’t even a thing until May! I completely related to this, as I’m from a place (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) where you really get antsy to get out in the garden as soon as the snow melts!

You’ll find all the patterns and introductory information at

You can find Anne on Instagram as @anceligadesign.  Be sure to share your photos and use use the hashtags #gardenofdreamscal and #anceligadesign when publishing on social media.

You can also find Garden of Dreams on Ravelry: Garden of Dreams CAL/Ravelry

CAL Schedule

I do hope you’ll join me and bring a little Spring into your life with the Garden of Dreams CAL.  Be sure to hop on over to the CAL Crochet-A-Long Facebook group to sign up for the event, ask questions and keep up with CAL news.

See you in the garden!



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