Atalia’s Star by Kogi Nadoo.

img_3759For week 18 of the Friends Around the World 3 CAL, we are headed to South Africa!  My weather app tells me the climate is absolutely lovely there at this time of year so my bags are packed with sundresses and sandals!  When we arrive, we will meet up with Kogi Naidoo who has designed this weeks square.   There is really not much I can say about this square other than it is absolutely exquisite!  Kogi Naidoo has created such a magnificent piece with Atalia’s Star.   She designed this square during her second pregnancy and named it after her baby girl, Atalia, which means “God is Great”.   Atalia turns one in March so it was perfect timing for the release of this square.  Isn’t she adorable??!!! Kogi is from the province of Gauteng in South Africa, which is the economic hub of the country.  Gauteng means “place of gold” and is one of the nine provinces of South Africa.  Gauteng is the smallest province, accounting for only 1.5% of the land area yet it is highly urbanized and contains the country’s largest city, Johannesburg.  As such, the pace there is very busy and rushed so it is no wonder that Kogi looks forward to her time doing crafts to find her calm and inner peace. south-africa-political-map You will find calm and peace as well, as you work through her magnificent piece. Written pattern location: Atalia’s Star/Ravelry Video: Atalia’s Star by Kogi Naidoo/Tania Leis YouTube

Extra Stuff

Yarn Requirements

Check out our post on yarn requirements here.  Here’s what the testers used for this square:

Lynette:  Worsted/Aran, 110 grams

Marjolein:  Stylecraft Special DK, 50 grams

Silvana:  Herrschners Worsted 8, 77 grams

Aprille:  Stylecraft Aran, 71 grams

Micki: Worsted, 98 grams

Important Additional Pattern Info

Don’t forget you will need to add an extra three rounds to your square to achieve the final 48 st/side count which is necessary for joining. You can find the instructions for all squares here. Translations for these additional rounds can be found here.    The extra rounds will vary slightly from week to week because the squares vary in ending stitch counts so be sure to follow the directions for each square.

Enjoy the warm sunshine of South Africa while you’re here…I can’t guarantee the best weather where we’re headed to next!  Hint…bring your umbrella! Till next week!                


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