Invisible Love…..

Dania Olsen designed the Invisible Heart Fillet Scarf pattern for the Design-a-Scarf Contest and with member votes won third place. Her pattern is easily read by all. If you can’t read a crochet chart, there are written directions as well. That being said, if you can’t read a written pattern, there are crochet pattern charts as well!!! Lol

With 5 different stitch patterns, there is much diversity of how your scarf can look. Each section is able to be made as many times as you choose, so that you may personalize your final piece. You can choose to make 5 parts each one time and be completed, or you can choose to make part 5 a total of 5 times and the other parts just once each. This pattern is meant to be as different and versatile as each of our members!! Style your own scarf as you like, just be sure to make it long enough to wrap yourself in Invisible Love.


Make sure your heart sees exactly what you need it to when making this stunning piece. Create your own scarf with the patterns that call to your heart the most. 💗


Supply List:

•1 ball of Schachenmayr Ombré Lace, Color 00084 Emerald (Designer Yarn used)

•YARN: worsted weight yarn, Caron Cake, Lion Brand Mandala, Red Heart Ombré – suggested yarn for this project. (If you intend to make it longer than 60″ – you will most likely want to purchase 2 cakes/skeins to be safe. And if you choose to do a fringe, you will DEFINITELY need a second cake/skein) Approximately 700 yards for scarf with fringe and 60”+ long

  • Hook 4.0 mm
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

Do be sure to join us in our Facebook Group and of course the >>EVENT<< for all of the latest updates, photos, and answers to any questions you may have about this pattern!!!

We can’t wait to see you, and your photos! And we can’t wait to share the LOVE of this craft with one another.

Happy Crocheting,

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