Garden of Dreams CAL – Anemone

Week 4 of Garden of Dreams, Anne has brought us the dainty Anemone. This flower is a simple daisy like shape with lobed petals, blooming in spring and early summer, while the most common color is violet, the stunning and rare pale pink blossom is my personal favorite.

The pattern for Anemone can be found >>HERE<<

The previous week’s for this CAL, can be found >>HERE<<

Don’t forget to share your amazing flowers with us in our >>FACEBOOK GROUP<< and of course the >>EVENT<< where you can add your photos and be sure to be up to date on all information available. The Official Question Post can be found in the announcements of our Facebook group, where you can ask questions and receive answers from Makers, Moderators, and other members.

Be sure to watch for next week’s release….. the LILY….. And of course….. be sure to check out Anceliga Design for all of Anne’s other amazing work.

Happy Crocheting,



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