Galaxies Far Away…… the Saga begins…….

It is time to choose your path dear Padawan….. or are you a Sith Apprentice???? You may not need to decide that just yet….. perhaps just yarn brands and colors, which ones will you favor??? Lol

Have you found your hook? Must you fight The Battle of Endor with the small house Ewok otherwise known as a Feline, to secure your hook and are you prepared to battle in the future to maintain control of your necessary Homelands for this amazing crochet sojourn we are undertaking?

It is time to fulfill your destiny fellow crocheter….. it is time to prepare for the journey ahead. Will you channel the force and join us in this sojourn? It will be an epic battle and you shall need all of the supplies listed below…. but we are sure that you will master your craft and this saga will end with a piece of true beauty, one that shall rival Padmé Amidala in all of her theatrical appearances and beautiful costumery. We shall be waiting on baited breath, just perhaps not on the planet Alphoresis, plagueworld of the infamous Breath Stealing, as we would truly love to actually see your finished piece!!!

So without further ado, and with all the speed of Hyperspace let’s find out what designer Janet Miller Lindner says you will need for this 18 episode saga, with Part 1 releasing on May 4th……


Yarn: there will be 35 colors of yarn used in the charts for this CAL – this CAL is an awesome stash buster!!!

***yarn yardage estimates to come in the next informational blog directive for this CAL***

Hook: please choose according to standard hook size suggestion for YOUR yarn

Tapestry Needle / Yarn Needle

Scissors – Light Saber 😂

**depending on choice of pattern: mini C2C or SC – you could use yarn bobbins as well**

DOWNLOADABLE COLOR CHART: A-Galaxay-Far-Away-Colour-Ledger-and-Codes


  • SINGLE CROCHET / SC: WORSTED WEIGHT YARN is the only suggested yarn for this CAL in SC- as any smaller yarn type will make the tiniest of blocks 😂
  • C2C: DK can be used for the mini C2C, as well as worsted weight



  • WORSTED WEIGHT ONLY – ~9″ (23cm) and ~10″ (26cm) with border


  • DK YARN – ~13″ (33cm)
  • WORSTED WEIGHT – ~16″ (40.5cm)


The Force is strong among us, and the power I feel is growing….. do not miss out on this CAL – make sure to join the >>.. EVENT ..<< and of course, we welcome all questions and future photos in the main CAL-Crochet Along Facebook Group as well!!! Designer Janet Miller Lindner, along with Padawan Micki Devlin, await your next move.


“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Use the Force my friends and you shall succeed in one of the most EPIC CAL’s of all time!

May the Force be with you,



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