Delilah by Vanessa Smith

We’re back in South Africa with Vanessa Smith, aka Ness, from Hooked on Sunshine for week 24 of the Friends Around the World 3 CAL.

Vanessa lives in Cape Town, South Africa which she says is such a mind bogglingly beautiful place that she always has crochet inspiration sitting right on my doorstep.

Vanessa tells us she is “Mama to one human child and 5 beasties, although sometimes the child is categorized as one of the beasties!”

She considers herself a super lucky duck with this amazing craft of crochet ths now become her full time “job”.  She can’t believe that she gets to wake up surrounded by gorgeous yarn and spends her days crocheting pretty things!  How many of us would love to turn our passion into our day job??!!!  Simply awesome!!!

Vanessa is a firm believer in the healing powers of this beautiful craft and describes it like this…”besides the good it does for you, it’s a fabulous way to hone your post-apocalyptic life skills!  If you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m a little whacky and a lot of fun.  Can’t wait to go on some crochet adventures with ya!”

We asked Vanessa what specifically inspired her to create “Delilah”.

“Why I designed Delilah? I don’t often sit down with a set design in mind but when I was invited to join in on the FATW3 CAL, well how could I say no.

Delilah is an homage to the goregous show of wild flowers we have up the West Coast of South Africa, once a year.

These blooms cover the bush in carpets of bright yellows and oranges and vibrant pinks, creating the prettiest picture you ever did see.

World famous and definitely something to add to your bucket list. 😊

You can read up a bit more about this utter beautifulness here.

I had so much fun designing this square and hope you will enjoy making her, and come for a visit to see the blooms.

Im so very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I know we all say that about where we live but this is for reals!😉

Cape Town, is affectionately known as The Mother City by locals. Why? Because we all live a super chill life and it takes a good 9 months to get anything done. 😉

Apart from our laid back attitude to life, Capetonians are blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches, amazing nature and our world famous Table Mountain. There is just something about the mountain, any Capetonian will tell you so. And if nature and mountains aren’t your thing, well, we have some of the best wine farms in the world also.

Oh, and lets not even get started on the gorgeous natural yarns being beautifully hand dyed by our amazing local artists.

A girl is just spoilled for inspiration with all the gorgeousness sitting right on my front door.

If you’re looking for a holiday destination with a little bit of everything for everyone, look no further. Once you hit the Mother City you will never want to leave!”

We’re all super excited about this weeks FATW adventure with Ness so grab your hooks and let’s go!  I have a feeling we’re going to be in for some real fun!!!

Pattern Info

You can find the written pattern here:   Delilah by Vanessa Smith/Hooked on Sunshine

You can find the video here:  Delilah YouTube Video by Tania Leis

Extra Stuff

Yarn Requirements

Check out our post on yarn requirements here.  Here’s what the testers used for this square:

Lynette:  Worsted/Aran, 119 grams

Marjolein:  Stylecraft Special DK, 38 grams

Silvana:  Herrschners Worsted 8, 93 grams

Aprille:  Stylecraft Aran, 85 grams

Micki: Worsted, 101 grams

Important Additional Pattern Info

Don’t forget you will need to add an extra three rounds to your square to achieve the final 48 st/side count which is necessary for joining. You can find the instructions for all squares here. Translations for these additional rounds can be found here.    The extra rounds will vary slightly from week to week because the squares vary in ending stitch counts so be sure to follow the directions for each square.

We’re right back here with Vanessa for one more week of fun. Can wait to see what she’s got in store for us! And of course don’t forge to share your pics on the CAL Facebook group page.

Until next week!



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