CAL Catghan 2019….

What exactly is a “catghan” you may be asking yourself??? Why it’s a cat inspired c2c graph afghan…. a CATGHAN!!!

    blanket crocheted by Judy Grasso
    Blanket made by Stacey Kisselburg
        Blanket by Michele Sanders

      Designer Julianne Winter of Ink and Stitches brings us an adorable c2c blanket full of fun cat patterns, 21 of them to be exact! And each one carefully designed for, and approved of, by her daughter Lizzie. Every child needs a “mom-made” blanket. And Julianne has certainly done an outstanding job of creating an heirloom to treasure for her little one!!!

      Each week, starting May 9, 2019, a new block will be released, followed by the join, and then the border. 21 weeks of colorful, playful, creative, original designs, and then 2 weeks to turn those blocks into an amazing finished project…. a blanket of cozy, crazy kitties!!!! 23 weeks brings us to the end of October, making this a perfect project for

      This particular blanket does not have a yarn “usage” amount as it was created to be a stash-buster and to be able to use the colors you have on hand, or would like to use to work this piece of whimsy.

      Here is what Julianne has to say about yarn:

      When I designed this pattern, it was in an attempt to use up my yarn stash. Because of that, the exact amounts of yarn you’ll need are a bit tough to say. If I say to use red, and you have a burgundy color, use that! If I say yellow and you have a varying shade of yellow, use that! I didn’t want all the greens to match or the blues, etc… and because of that, this blanket couldn’t be any more colorful if I tried! If you use up your stash, you and I both know that means… one thing and one thing only… YOU GET TO GO SHOPPING FOR MORE!!!

      Suggested Supplies:

      • Worsted weight yarn with an H/5.0mm hook
      • DK yarn with an F/4.0mm hook

      Suggested Colors:

      • White
      • Grey
      • Light Grey
      • Dark Grey
      • Black
      • Pink
      • Light Pink
      • Rose Pink
      • Fuchsia
      • Orange
      • Green
      • Light Green
      • Lime Green
      • Olive Green
      • Dark Green
      • Lavender
      • Purple
      • Red
      • Burgundy Red
      • Mulberry
      • Sienna Brown
      • Burnt Umber
      • Yellow
      • Blue
      • Light Blue
      • Sky Blue
      • Dark Blue
      • Periwinkle Blue
      • Aqua
      • Cream
      • Tan
      • Brown
    • These colors are suggestions. You may use other colors that you already have on hand, or colors that you prefer. Julianne wants to see all of your creative ideas and wants you to make your own beautiful blankets as you interpret her designs!!!
    • For more info, and to see the intro for this wonderful CAL – click >>HERE<<

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      Julianne Winter can be found at these links on social media:

      Happy Crocheting


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