Catghan CAL 2019 **WEEK 2

We have seen so many lovely squares popping up in our event and newsfeed this past week! We have read posts and comments telling us that you have never done c2c before and this is your very first try at it…. and we are so amazed by the perfection of your blocks! And we have read posts about how amazing this CAL is for those who are experienced c2c crocheters. And we have seen several posts wishing it was Thursday so the release would happen already (if you are wanting to work ahead be sure to read all the way to the end of this article as there is a link to the ENTIRE PATTERN that you can purchase right NOW)

Week 2 – MOUSE WATCHING brings us a square that is a tiny bit more complicated, but is still a simpler design so that you are slowly working your new found c2c skills into the picture of perfection. So whether you are a highly skilled and seasoned c2c crocheted, or you have been crocheting c2c for just a short time and find you are proficient at the stitches….. or you are just working your very first squares with this Catghan….. we want to see your photos and enjoy your progress right along with you. The official hashtag for this CAL is #CatghanCAL2019 be sure to tag your photos on social media so that we can follow along with you.

Julianne Winter has created a video for this week’s square to make sure that the fundamentals are in place for c2c so that as each week’s squares become a bit more difficult you will have built your skills to the necessary level and won’t even notice that you are making an intricate and advanced square by the end of this CAL!


Week 2: >>Week 2 Catghan CAL 2019<<


Previously Released: >>Catghan CAL 2019 Links<<

For those of us who are a bit impatient…. here is the link to purchase the ENTIRE, 50+ page pdf file pattern from Ravelry:

>>Catghan CAL 2019 Full Pattern Ravelry


  • Green
  • Pink
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Aqua
  • Lavender

Be sure to stop by Ink and Stitches (Julianne’s awesome blog), and check out all the other amazing things that Julianne has written about, from creating amigurumi to children book illustration, to writing her own children’s story…. and many other amazingly creative and informative blog articles about her talents.

Don’t forget to join us in our >>FACEBOOK GROUP<< and of course the >>EVENT<<  where you can be sure to share your progress photos and your completed square photos and stay up to date on all things CAL Catghan 2019 related. Hope you have a purrrrrrfect week to come and now off you go to start this weeks square right MEOWWWWWWW.

Happy Crocheting,


ps….. don’t forget Julianne Winter can be found at these links on social media:

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