Are you ready for the HUGE announcment???? You have fallen in love with the #CatghanCAL2019 right? And some have asked “Where is the dog inspired pattern”. Well what if I tell you the #DogghanCAL2020 is happening?!?!?

Designer Julianne Winter may be a cat lover, but she certainly isn’t going to forget about all of the dog lovers out there who need to be able to crochet a fun blanket inspired by their own pets as well.

And here’s the super fun part: YOU get to help design it!!! Yep. That’s really what I said. In the next day or two you will see a Facebook post appear in our group that you will be able to add silly photos of YOUR dog as a comment. The members of our group will vote on your photos by “liking” them. After 5 days time, the 25 photos with the most likes will be added to a different post. Those photos will then be “voted” on again by our members. The winning photo will be used as inspiration for a square in the upcoming Dogghan CAL. Your animal will be featured on everyone’s blanket!!! What an amazing homage to someone’s lucky pet. (Don’t worry – links taking you directly to the voting posts will be added here on the blog!)

We cannot wait to see the photos of your pet’s antics and have a few laughs!!! Please do remember that photos should be of pets – not children. As much as we all love our children, any photo depicting a child will be disqualified and removed. We strive to have a family friendly group, and we do not want any reason for someone to use our posts for stalking little people. We do hope you understand this, and we do hope you will share the fun, cute, silly, and awesome photos of your 🐶 🐕 🐶 🐕 DOGS…. the next CAL presented by Julianne is going to be an amazing one!!! With your help, I think it may just be a super-awesome-fantastical CAL!!!


So stay tuned, watch this space, don’t change the channel, bookmark this post…. whatever it is you need to do to remember…. the links will appear right here in the next day or two for the poll on what type of dogs you want to see. And here is the link for the >>PHOTO CONTEST POST<< ………so don’t miss out on entering your photos. And don’t forget to vote here also—>>>. >>Dog breed poll post<<

Pst….. pssssssttttttt….. here’s a tiny secret I’m going to share……

Julianne plans for the #DogghanCAL2020 to release in 2020…… however, one never knows if that magical crochet clock (you know, that one with 12 extra hidden hours on it) will be created sooner rather than later….. so one may see the design in late 2019 instead. So cross your fingers and wish upon a star and all the other things we do (well except holding your breath of course!) and you never know, she just may find that clock!!!


Photo Contest Post: >>HERE<<

Catghan CAL 2019 – >>HERE<<

Happy Crocheting,


3 thoughts on “Catghan….Dogghan….WHATghan????

  1. […] Of course this week still has some extra excitement after the announcement for the upcoming Dogghan designed by Julianne Winter. I hope you were one that participated in the #DogghanCAL2020 photo contest and dog breed poll. This coming weekend will bring the top photos for voting to select the puppy/dog photo to be used for inspiration in one of the squares in the upcoming CAL. Be sure to check out the following link for more info about the Dogghan: >>DogghanCAL2020 Link<< […]


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