Galaxies Far Away – **WEEK 7

Week 7????? Already?????? It is, yet it cannot be so….. too much fun we are having. This week we have 2 more characters that are easily recognized, yet often forgotten, the Bantha and the Tauntaun. So many scenes, yet so little recognition!!!! Designer Janet Lindner has certainly brought to life the best pieces of this epic series!


Classification: Mammal

Homeworld: Tatooine

Habitat: Desert

Diet: Herbivores

Hair: Brown

  • social herd animals, and that are often domesticated, and used prominently, by Tusken Raiders as mounts and for companionship. They were used by many other species for products such as Bantha steak, butter and clothes or furniture.

Interesting Fact:

Their milk, which is distinctively blue, can be drunk plain as well as used in yogurt, ice cream, and butter. Their meat is also used for dried jerky, steak, and burgers, and their dung is used as a fuel. Bantha-blood fizz is a sparkling drink made from purified bantha blood. Bantha hide can be mashed with grains to make Ardees, also known as Jawa juice. Their hide is also tanned and turned into clothing or funiture.




Classification: Lizard

Homeworld: Hoth

Habitat: Snowy Plains

Diet: Lichen and small Ice Plants

Hair: Long White Hair

Interesting Fact:

Tauntauns have two sets of nostrils, one large set and one small set. The large set is used for maximum oxygen intake during intense physical activities, while the small set is used during inactive periods and grazing. The small set is imperative to keep out snow when minimal physical activity is required. Tauntauns can also alternate breathing between the two sets of nostrils, allowing them to regulate their body heat, which came in quite handy as nighttime temperatures dropped to -60 degrees Celsius once the sun set.

Yarn Colors for Week 7:

  • Orange
  • Pumpkin
  • Buff
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Black
  • Sky Blue
  • Light Grey




  • White
  • Black
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Lilac
  • Plum
  • Medium Grey
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Medium Thyme
  • Olive

The colors our members are using look amazing so far! I wish I had the “scrap yarn” collections and stashes that some of you must have!!!!

EVENT LINK: >>click here for event<<

***we are having some technical difficulties with the Event showing properly for some of our iPhone users (myself included) so if you can’t seem to get to the Event from our Event tab in the group, this link will take you to the Event even though you can’t find it in the list.***


Bantha: Single Crochet Bantha

Bantha: c2c Bantha

Tauntaun: Single Crochet Tauntaun

Tauntaun: c2c Tauntaun

All previous CAL release weeks and articles can be found by clicking  >>HERE<<

May the Force be with you and your magical hook as you create epic homages to these amazing characters….. until we meet again…..

Happy Crocheting,



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