Luna Stella by Divina Rocco

Luna Stella


Can you believe it?  We’re going to Hawaii this week with Divina Rocco, designer of the square Luna Stella.  Divina grew up in Hawaii and learned to crochet from a woman at the Lanakila Baptist Church.  Truth be told, while Divina may have grown up in Hawaii, she currently lives in North Carolina and is happy to be living close to family.  Her square, however, was inspired by her granddaughter who does, in fact, live in Hawaii…so we’re going to go with that!!! Hawaii, here we come!  😉

Divina moved to the mainland when she was 13, where she became a professional Polynesian dancer and forgot about crochet for a while I was studying and traveling the world.

After meeting her future hubby in college while on her last dance tour of Germany (“he was the only groupie I ever had, so I had to keep him!”) they got married 6 months later.

In her new role as an Army housewife, she rediscovered crochet as an excellent way to pass the long evenings while her husband away.

Many years later, she finally started designing after meeting a “wise” (read: sarcastic) Jamaican woman at a swap meet in South Carolina. Divina tells us the conversation went something like this:

“Me: Omigosh, your hats are gorgeous! Can I ask what pattern you use???

Her: Thank you, but I don’t use a pattern. I just crochet.

Me: Wow. I’m not that good, yet. I still need to follow a pattern for everything!

Her: What are talking about? You know how to crochet, right?! You know which stitches to use, right?! You know what shape a hat is, right?!

Me: (Nodding and shrugging, then nodding awkwardly)

Her: Then stop being crazy and make a hat! (Sees mental lightbulb flash to life above my head & smirks “wisely”)

Me: (Hugs her & chokes back happy tears)”

Twenty-five years of marriage, two children, three granddaughters and 9 composition books full of patterns later, here she is…in North Carolina!  She’s lived all over the world and met so many interesting people.  She’s only hoping her husband doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon!

Divina’s Luna Stella Square was inspired by my oldest granddaughter who lives in Hawai’i. She loves the outdoors and anything with wheels, but her favorite is to FaceTime “Tutu & Pop-pops” at midnight. Apparently, she doesn’t understand time zones, yet! Perhaps she will when she turns 2.

Divina hopes you enjoy making this square as much as she enjoyed designing it for you. She’s looking for ward to seeing  everyone’s beautiful makes!

You can find the written pattern on Ravelry here:  Luna Stella by Divina Rocco

Here is the YouTube video tutorial by Tania Lies:

Extra Stuff

Check out our post on yarn requirements here.  Here’s what the testers used for this square:

Lynette:  Worsted/Aran, 123 grams

Marjolein:  Stylecraft Special DK, 37 grams

Silvana:  Herrschners Worsted 8, 90 grams

Aprille:  Stylecraft Aran, 85 grams

Micki: Worsted, 103 grams

Important Additional Pattern Info

Don’t forget you will need to add an extra three rounds to your square to achieve the final 48 st/side count which is necessary for joining. You can find the instructions for all squares here. Translations for these additional rounds can be found here.    The extra rounds will vary slightly from week to week because the squares vary in ending stitch counts so be sure to follow the directions for each square.

Luna Stella ends with 20 sc and 19 ch2 per side plus ch2 in each corner.  You will need to add an additional 9 stitches per side for a total of 48 stitches per side.

Rnd 1: Begin with a standing sc (stsc) in any corner chsp, (ch2, 2sc) in corner

chsp, (sc in next sc, sc in next chsp) 19 times, sc in next sc.  (2sc,ch2, 2sc) in corner

chsp, (sc in next sc, sc in next chsp) 19 times, sc in next sc   3 more times.

(43sts, ch2) per side

Rnd 2:  Slst to any corner chsp, ch1, *(sc, ch2, sc) in corner chsp,

sc in next 43sts* 4 times. (45sts, ch2) per side

Rnd 3: Slst to any corner chsp, ch1, *(2sc, ch2, 2sc) in corner

chsp, skip the first, slightly hidden st, sc in next 44sts* 4 times. (48sts, ch2) per side

Well, we are down to only 1 more square before we join them up and add the border.

Mahalo & Happy Stitching


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