Baby Henry’s Coloring Sheets…

So many members have asked for coloring sheets so that they can figure out how to place colors and what colors to mix….. so I figured out how to bring you coloring sheets!

There are 3 different coloring sheets: full blanket, center square, and quarter square. But…… let me remind you ….. this is OVERLAY!

You may color “round 3” in the photo…. but that’s not round 3, it’s most likely round 5 or round 6. Don’t take the rounds colored literally. Use the coloring sheets AND the list of colors used that is in each weeks file, which tells you what color each round was done in. This way once you color your sheet you can find which color that matches to in the file, and you can make your own list and continue on without frogging. If you take the round numbers you have colored literally – you will frog. A lot. 🐸 🐸 🐸


full blanket color sheet

center square color sheet

quarter square color sheet


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