Doghan CAL Photo Contest Winner is…..

  • BUCKET!!!!! Stacey Wilkinson must be a proud puppy momma right now!!!


    This photo will be used by designer Julianne Winter as inspiration in her upcoming #DoghanCAL which I know all of us puppy lovers are waiting for as we watch the #CatghanCAL2019 release each week.

    You can read all of the blog articles about the #CatghanCAL and #DoghanCAL right >>HERE<<.

    Be sure to visit Julianne’s blog and other social media accounts at the links below:

    Ink and Stitches (Julianne’s blog), and of course all ofher other social media as well:

    And of course don’t forget us here at CAL – Crochet Along and our FACEBOOK GROUP

    Happy Crocheting,


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