Baby Henry’s favorite color….

Baby Henry’s favorite color is….. well, it’s just about any color you can imagine! Have you been waiting for a per round color list? Hoping there would be a per round color list? Wish you had one so you could make sure you place the colors in the correct round????

Well …. it’s HERE!!!!! Designer Jessica Wifall has graciously created a PER ROUND – first to last, and every single one in between – COLOR LIST!

And then of course, the coloring sheets i made which have been available this last week are still available to download if you are trying to sort colors still. Now – remember – this is OVERLAY – so just because it says round 3 is champagne or caramel …. that’s doesn’t mean that you will SEE those colors in THAT ROUND NUMBER!!!


Per Round Color List: Per Round Color List Document

Full Blanker Coloring Sheet: full color sheet

Blanket Center Square Coloring Sheet: center colorsheet

Blanker Center Quarter Close Up Coloring Sheet: quarter color sheet


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