Mosaic Sampler CAL

Introduction – August 14, 2019


It is always very exciting to introduce a new CAL, and this one is just so stunning, I cannot wait to get started on it myself. It reminds me of tapestry dating back to ancient times and it is so amazing to witness such creativity and be able to have the opportunity to partake in this sharing.  All the inspiration you need, along with yarn information is now live at daisyknots.   Moira Douglas has spent so much time not only in designing this beautiful afghan, but as a great teacher, she has made it very explicit for all to understand.  The videos will help even a novice to make a masterpiece, and the information on supplies will not leave you second guessing.  And it is all for free, to us, all over the world!  Thank you so very much, Moira Douglas, for sharing your talent with us.  The crochet world really is a beautiful place to be.

So, head on over to daisyknots,  download the introduction and find out all you need to do.  Read carefully as there are some other links in the introduction that will be very helpful and may answer some of your questions.  There is even a short video on how to use the mosaic technique.   Then get yourself ready for part 1 to be released on August 28th.

The CAL will run until the end of October, when the final part of border gets released.  Imagine what a great holiday gift this would make to someone very special.  Even if it is for yourself.  Mine will be a gift to myself, to remind me of the beautiful bedspreads my mom used to make with her loom, many years ago.  While I don’t have a loom, I can certainly enjoy the look made with a crochet hook.  I will be sure to treasure it and be proud that I learned something new.

If you have not already joined our event, you can do so here:

Keep in mind that you must be a member of our facebook group CAL Crochet A Long in order to join the event.  Once you hit “going” on the event you will get notifications for when the parts get released.

AND, as promised, here are some spectacular ones made by our very talented group of testers from CAL Crochet A Long.  As each part gets posted, you will be seeing more photos.  Of course, you will have to share yours as well.


PRE-Intro: August 7

We are very proud to share with you this beautiful new CAL from Moira Douglas of daisyknots.  While you will have to wait until August 14 for the official Introduction, and August 28th for Part 1, we do want to give you a little head start, and sneak peak.  More photos, testers’s ones as well, will follow on August 14.  Just wait and see all the glorious color combinations our talented team of testers has come up with.


When I first saw this pattern, I was in awe, and my first thought was that there was no way I could do this.  I have been crocheting for over 45 years and never tried this technique.  But, once you learn the language of crocheting, this should be a breeze.  Especially because, Moira Douglas is a teacher of crochet, macrame and machine embroidery, with a degree in Textiles.   So, with all her knowledge and teaching experience, she has made it very easy for anyone of any skill level to at least give it a try.  I know I will certainly do so.  The pattern is mostly in chart form, but with associated keys, is written in UK terms, and best of all,  comes with instructional VIDEOS.  No excuses, you can do this.  That is what I tell myself.

As far as yarn requirements, everything is on the event.  Follow this link, hit GOING, and you will be notified whenever things get updated.

Just had to share this beauty, one of many more to come.  Made by a talented  CAL Crochet A Long member of the testing team.  Using Caron’s Simply Soft yarn and 5.0mm hook, this one measures approximately 62″ x 84.”  Actual sizes will vary depending on the type of yarn you use, hook size, and tension.


So, follow your dreams, because being covered by this beautiful blanket will be sure to bring you sweet dreams.  Join the event, share your photos once you start, and learn something new if you have not done this type of technique before.

If you would like to see more of Moira’s work, check out her blog at:






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