BebaBlanket and Strange Signs

Designer BebaBlanket has gone off her normal (yet truly amazing) path and brought us something completely different from anything we have ever seen before!!!!

The designer herself would like to share a word with us about how this design came to be….

I’m a BebaBlanket designer, crochet enthusiast and full-time mom of twins who finally learned to say “Mommy”. I am crocheting for about 20 years and have been always using just my imagination to create some goodies and only in 2018 I decided to start writing the patterns and to share them with other crochet lovers just like me! Usually I create blanket patterns and if I started with just simple How to do it guides and afghan blocks, now with every single pattern I challenge myself. Always want to offer something special, unique and something different. This is how Strange Signs pattern was born as well – another crazy idea and I just had to find the way how to do it. Now I cannot stop experimenting with this pattern… it’s so addictive 🤪 Hope you enjoy it as I do! Oh, and… yes, I am not a fan of hiding tales, but this pattern won and I forgot about that

The release of BebaBlanket’s paid pattern today comes with a chance to win a Giveaway!!

The details of purchase price are as follows:

Paid Pattern release:

August 16, 2019 at 22:00EET – 3pm in New York, 8pm in London, 5am in Sydney

• the first 48 hours after release the pattern will be €1 ($1.13) +tax

• the next 48 hours, hours 49-96, the pattern will be €2 ($2.25) +tax

• at 97 hours after release, the pattern will become full price, at €3 ($3.37) +tax

AND THEN….. 10 random purchasers will be refunded IN FULL for their purchase of the pattern as a THANK YOU from the designer. 💗💗💗

You can find the pattern available >>HERE<< when release time rolls around in your time zone.

Pattern will also be available on:

BebaBlanket Blog <—– click there 😂

Have you been waiting for something new and exciting? Something different than previous patterns, yet simple to understand? Well this is it my crochet friends!!!! Strange Signs has it all. And you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Happy Crocheting,


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