Galaxies Far Away CAL – **Week 18

This week we have the join and border. You should by now have chosen your lightsaber color for your blanket. If not, here are your choices for actual colors and meanings. Now of course you can certainly use any color you see fit, that matches you blanket, or just matches your idea of what it should be.

This is how they will be used in the pattern file provided below:

Doesn’t that just set the entire piece off?!?!?


Galaxies Far Away Cal Edging & Joining of Blocks, Border

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**All previous CAL release weeks and articles can be found by clicking  >>HERE<<

Thank you so much for joining me on this sojourn! May the Force be with you…..  and keep you warm and always loved beneath your blanket of truly awesome stitchery!!!

Happy Crocheting,


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