Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom CAL – **Week 6**

Doo doo doo doo doo doo… YES it’s SIX!!!

And here we are on to week 6 already!!! This week brings us into the Dandelion Border – Overlay Crochet by Lila Björn (Tatsiana Kupyjanchyk). The pattern is worked as written, so if it says BLO, then it’s BLO, but if it doesn’t say that…. then it’s not meant to be in BLO. And I’m sure you are overly happy to hear that today having spent all of last week working BLO for every single stitch besides corner sc!!

The use of this pattern certainly adds a beautiful definition to the ending of the center square. Just remember that your long stitches need to remain constant tension to have the border lay in a nice flat, straight edge. If you notice that your outside edge starts pulling in or scalloping between motif, take a look at your “long stitches” and see if you don’t have one or two crocheted too tightly.

Do make sure to share your photos in the Event, our main Facebook group, and Instagram. The official hashtag for this cal is: #babyhenrysdesignerheirloom if you are a hashtagger….


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***OFFICIAL TIP from designer regarding BLOCKING***

My official recommendation is to block at the end of part 6 and when you finish. That being said it is not necessary to block at all if you don’t want to and waiting until the end would be fine. Or if you are inclined you may block more often but I don’t recommend it.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo…. It’s a SQUARE!!

Happy Crocheting,



One thought on “Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom CAL – **Week 6**

  1. I can’t wait to begin with this pattern. However, although I successfully managed to purchase and download the Mandala 6 pattern, I just cannot manage to purchase the Dandelion border pattern with PayPal. If keeps saying my card has expired which it hasn’t (expires 08/21).tried paying with husband’s c/card and its saying the same thing. Unfortunately I’m from South Africa and Ravekry does not accept internet banking payments. Please can someone help me with the pattern. I do not want it for free – am willing to pay you for it.
    Thank you,
    Kind regards,


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