Wrapped In Jamie CAL – **Week 2

AND … off to Week 2, where we have the BORDER pattern awaiting us. This pattern will be used every week of the CAL around the texture rich squares of the Outlander Pattern Collection Wrapped In Jamie CAL – Season 1 designed by PeTra Creutziger of BLACK SHEEP CROCHET.

This week the story continues with:

The Border which tells the story of a man who is separated from the woman he loves, a woman who loves two men and is forced to give one of them up and a love that is stronger than any boundaries of time.

Each week will give us a bit more of the story as “crocheted”…. don’t miss out on what the next part brings. Be sure to meet me back here again NEXT WEEK!!!

•To find the pattern….. CLICK HERE

•To find the RIGHT HANDED video on YouTube by Tania…. CLICK HERE

•To find the LEFT HANDED video on YouTube by Tania…. CLICK HERE

Social Media….. can ewe live without it???

Each week brings more from PeTra…. so be sure to come back and visit, click the updates, read the stories, and crochet the textures!!!

Happy Crocheting,



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