CAL’s Listed by Categories

As you may or may not know, we already have a Blog post that lists CAL’s alphabetically. You can find it here: We also thought it would be a great idea and very helpful to also have a compiled list of CAL’s by Categories. This way if you know you want an Afghan CAL, you will now have an easy way to find one.

We we will be updating this blog post often so please keep an eye on the “last updated” date!

Hope this is helpful! ENJOY!❤️


Last updated 9/12/19


4 Seasons

April Showers Mandala

Around the Bases

Aziza Mandala

Catghan (c2c)

Changing Tides Blanket

Cro Quilt Block Blanket


Galaxies Far Away

Garden Blooms Spring CAL

Garden Party

Goose Meadow Afghan

Grimm’s Tales

Guardians of the Galaxy

Hibiscus Tea Mystery

High Tides Waves

Janet’s Garden

Lady Love Design Boutique

Melinda Miller Designs

Ophelia Ripple Blanket

Origami Blanket


Picknickkleed Mystery (Dutch only)

Pop! Petals Blanket

Rachel’s Flower Blanket

Retro Square Afghan

SA Yarnies CAL

Sunset Turtle

Sweet Dreams Angel Blanket

Unicorn Dreams

Venetia Throw

Wedding Blanket

  • Graphgans

Emerald City Portrait

Ghostly Graphghan

May Flowers

Night Gathers Game of Thrones Photoghan

Phoenix Rising


Wildlife Graphghan

  • Tunisian


Feliz MoYa

  • Doilies


Summer Beauty

  • Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Dishcloths


  • Purses / Bags

Cabled Diamonds Handbag

  • Sweaters / Tops / Cardigans

Come On I Wanna Ruana

Tilley Tank Top

  • Wraps / Shawls

2019 May CAL Shawl

Dancing Waters Lily Wrap

Noche Boliviana

Stash of Shells

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