Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom CAL – **Week 7**

doo doo doo doo doo doo… SLIP STITCH, YES!

Week 7 already, and back to the mandalas. This week (and the next few to follow) have us back to the Overlay Mandala no6 pattern by CAROCreated for the four corner mandalas ONLY.

There are two new stitches that are EXTREMELY important to learn and work correctly. Let me share those with you and the link to a YouTube video for each (which will also be in the pattern for ease of access as well) provided by the designer, Jessica Wifall, to provide clear instructions on how she has worked them and exactly what to do for the perfect joining and ending stitches.

  • SSS Starting Slip Stitch – this stitch will be used as the first stitch of every partial mandala and the video can be found HERE
  • ESSEnding Slip Stitch – this Stitch will be used as the final stitch of every partial mandala and the video can be found HERE

This week’s TIP & TRICK is about these stitches as well. Be sure when working these stitches that you DO NOT pull them TOO TIGHT. This will make it near impossible to work a round in a future week.

Do make sure to share your photos in the Event, our main Facebook group, and Instagram. The official hashtag for this cal is: #babyhenrysdesignerheirloom if you are a hashtagger….


ALL the Rest of the Links:

Doo doo doo doo doo doo…. 4 CORNERS!!!

Happy Crocheting,


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