First Sunrise CAL – Parts 1-3*

BebaBlanket‘s design First Sunrise (paid CAL) has certainly brought us many beautiful pieces over the course of this CAL. Be sure to update your pattern in Ravelry if you were one of the lucky first 200 ppl to receive a free or discounted pattern. For the rest of us…. the pattern is still available at full price.

You can use this pattern in more than one configuration to have an entire collection of possibilities from one pattern.

Be sure to grab a copy if you haven’t already.

The Introduction is available for this amazing CAL onBebaBlanket Blog and we have it available for download right here on our blog!!!

•You may download the Introduction from the Crochet Patterns by BeBaBlanket Facebook Group: HERE

•BeBaBlanket Blog Link to Introduction: HERE

Download the Introduction File in pdf format: HERE

And the entire pattern is available:

  • At BebaBlanket Website: Here
  • Or on Ravelry: Here

Happy Crocheting,


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