MarKiDini CAL – **Part 1**

CAL – Crochet A Long is proud to present and co-host the MarKiDini Tunisian CAL designed by Marjolein Kooiman, Kiki Dumoulin and Dini Bleijenberg. You should have already made your practice swatch. But….. there’s still plenty of time to catch up!!

If you haven’t already downloaded your copy….. the Introduction for this CAL can be found >>HERE<< and you can swatch away!!! (And don’t forget there are videos courtesy of Tania Leis available for the INTRO already, right handed HERE and left handed HERE)

There are 3 sizes to choose from in this CAL, and thankfully you don’t have to decide just yet. I think once you start working on this truly innovative way of join as you go Tunisian cable and lace blanket, you won’t be able to stop with the small/baby, or even the medium/lap size. I think you will find yourself “hooked” and working the large/bed size before you realize it!!!

There is also a COLOR-PLANNING chart available HERE.

Week one starts us off simple and gets us ready by building up our knowledge base and our foundational skills. Be sure that you are practicing your stitches on your swatch and making progress on your skills BEFORE you pull the blanket out and work on it! Save yourself the frustration and frogging and work those few rows of swatch even if you think you already know how to do it. Swatching isn’t just for beginners. It’s meant to improve skills and check our own stitch work.

And without further chit-chat….. the pattern:


Week #1 Pattern

VIDEO LINKS by Tanie Leis:

Week #1 Right Handed

Week #1 Left Handed

And of course…. SOCIAL MEDIA…. we can’t forget that. Do make sure to visit these places and learn more about this T-CAL – and all the other designs available.

Join us in the Facebook Event

And of course be sure to post and ask questions on the CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group

Happy Crocheting,


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