Catghan 2019 CAL – **Week 22

And here we are…. the final week of the Catghan and the join and border for this super cute cuddly cozy kitty creation of crochet!!! I don’t know if I should be sad to say “see you later, have fun crocheting until next time”, or if I should be so overjoyed I am jumping up and down with happiness that you have made it to the end and will have finished blankets to share?!?!?!? I’m torn on which is the appropriate response. So instead of being sad that we shall not have any more weeks together on the Catghan 2019 CAL, I will be excited that the next project is on the horizon, and you have shared this time with us. Please find the last pattern link below, and join Juliann at her blog for the final week of the Catghan 2019 CAL.



Previously Released: >>Catghan CAL 2019 Links<<

** Julianne has videos up on her YouTube channel that explain: 

•How to tie in loose ends 


•How to create the single crochet border around each square. **

For those of us who are a interested in the pattern to print out in full with no adverts …. here is the link to purchase the ENTIRE, 50+ page pdf file pattern from Ravelry:

>>Catghan CAL 2019 Full Pattern Ravelry


Any colors you would like to use for the border and joins….

Social Media!!! Who can live without allllllll the things?!?!? Julianne can be found at the links below on ALLLLLLL the places 

Ink and Stitches (Julianne’s blog), and of course all ofher other social media as well:

Happy Crocheting, and thank you for joining us!!!


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