Miarly CAL – **Weeks 4-6**

Beautiful #calmaker blanket by Caroline Tigchelaar

I do so apologize for the delay in writing about this cute CAL, personal health issues have caused me to fall behind a bit on my blog articles. So let’s get caught up shall we?!?!? This week is set to release with Part 7 on October 9th.

As you may recall, Kathryn had a serious health scare as well and has had to post a new schedule (which follows below):

Here is the new schedule for release:

  • 2nd August 2019 – Introducing Miarly
  • 21st August 2019 – Part 1
  • 28th August 2019 – Part 2
  • 4th September 2019 – No release due to illness
  • 11th September 2019 – Part 3
  • 18th September 2019 – Part 4
  • 25th September 2019 – Part 5
  • 2nd October 2019 – Part 6
  • 9th October 2019 – Part 7
  • 16th October 2019 – Part 8
  • 23rd October 2019 – Part 9 – time to choose version A, B or C
  • 30th October 2019 – Part 10 – this is extended 1 week beyond original schedule 
  • 6th November 2019 – All files remain free on group
  • 13th November 2019 – All files remain free on group
  • 20th November 2019 – All files removed from group. Becomes a paid pattern on Ravelry.

All pattern files can be found in the AmyJ Designs Facebook Group which can be found >>HERE<<

All yarn info and links can be found >>HERE<< in my previous blog article.

Be sure to share in our Facebook Group >>HERE<< so we can be sure to follow along with your progress. If you are a “tagger” the official hashtag is #miarlycal

Happy Crocheting,


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