Daisy’s Nine Square CAL – 2019 by Bluebird and Daisy

October 22, 2019 – PART 3

Part 3 has now been released. Beautiful waves coming your way.   This one is all in one, no separate squares, and should go pretty quickly.  Once you get the hang of this pretty stitchwork, you can even use this pattern to make all sizes of blankets with it.  I love the way it works up.

Use the following link to get started.  If you have not begun this pattern, you can find all parts here, and you have plenty of time to catch up.


October 15, 2019 – PART 2

This week’s pattern consists of 4 squares joined together to make the second large square of the blanket.  Get your hooks and yarn ready, and swing on over to get the pattern.  But before you do, enjoy some of our testers’ work. Your brain will be swirling around in circles with all these great ideas.

Pattern found in link below.


October 8, 2019

Square dance, anyone?  Ready to begin this amazing adventure with us?  Part 1 of the Daisy’s Nine Square CAL has been released by Bluebird and Daisy, and what fun you will have making these squares.  Part 1 features 4 different squares and you can mix and match to create your first BIG square with 9 smaller ones.  We have had such lovely combinations, and would like to share some with you.  As always, our testers have done a marvelous job.  It was so exciting to watch these take shape.  Check these out.  Each one of the 9 big squares is going to be awesome and will make one very beautiful blanket in the end.  For all information, please make sure to read all posts.  It is Very important, especially if you are just discovering this. Some of your questions can be answered if you read everything through.


This one was made with Caron Simply Soft yarn and a 5 mm hook. It measures 24″.


This one was made with Lion Brand Baby Soft and Baby Bee Sweet Delight DK, hook size 4.0 mm and measures 19.5″.


This one was made using with Stylecraft Special DK, 4.0mm hook and measures 19″ .


This one was made with Scheepjes Color Crafter, size 4.0mm hook and measures 20″.


This one was made with Herrschnerrs Worsted 8 yarn, a 5.0 mm hook, and measures 24″.  Yes, it is a big one using Aran weight yarn.

As you can see, gauge is not critical, just think about how big you want your full blanket to turn out to be.  If not overly huge, use DK as recommended in pattern.  If not, Aran weight works well. too.  But it will be big!

You will find the pattern here:


If you have not already joined the event, you may do so here, but make sure you are a member of the FaceBook Page CAL Crochet Along first, to get to the event.


Please post your photos.  We would love to see how yours turns out.

September 26, 2019

We have a gorgeous finished blanket to whet your appetite for this beautiful CAL coming up.  Please note that the release date for part 1 will be on Tuesday, October 8 and each part after that will be released on a Tuesday.  Have you gathered your materials and joined the event yet?


September 9, 2019

We are less than one month away from beginning this beautiful afghan, each square unique, fun and full of texture.  Join our event to get updates.


September 6, 2019

We are pleased to announce a new CAL that will begin on October 8.  Bluebird and Daisy has once again graciously gifted us with this free afghan CAL.  We are proud and honored to host this CAL, here in our CAL Crochet Along group and  are anxiously awaiting the launch date.  In the meantime, you can begin to gather your materials.

I am amazed that Tracey has been crocheting only since 2015.  However, she is not new to crafting, her work includes sewing, quilting and knitting.  This blanket  is impeccable, full of texture, unique and creative. It will excite all of your senses.  How wonderful that she is sharing her talent with us! Each square is different, yet as a full blanket it all works well together.

The pattern is written in US terms, and original blanket was made using Stylecraft DK.  You can use worsted, and it will turn out bigger, but that all depends on what you want, or have in your stash. The finished blanket in double knit yarn measures 70 inches square or 178cm square.

As we are just introducing this, more information will follow before the CAL begins, you will have the opportunity to join our event so that you will get updates each time a new part comes out.  The timeline for this CAL is October 8 to January 21, with some breaks in between.  As always, we cannot wait to see how you make this yours, with your own yarn and color choices.  We will definitely be sharing our own photos from the awesome testers on our team.  You will definitely get a lot of inspiration.

If you are not already a member of the CAL Crochet Along Facebook group, do send in your request, as you will need to be a member to join the event.

So, without further ado, check out the introduction on the Ravelry page.


2 thoughts on “Daisy’s Nine Square CAL – 2019 by Bluebird and Daisy

  1. i just downloaded the patterns for Daisy’s Nine Square Crochet Along 2019. are there instruction on how to layout the various squares?


  2. I just downloaded all beautiful Daisy’s Nine Square Crochet Along 2019 pdf’s, are there instruction on how to layout the squares to form the afghan?


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