Daisy’s Nine Square CAL by Bluebird and Daisy – Week 3

October 22, 2019

The more I look at these squares, the more I love them all, and could not possibly pick a favorite. We are now at Week 3. Week 1 consisted of 8 squares, week 2 had 4 and week 3 is one big square. Joined with the next 6 squares, you will have one beautiful blanket with an amazing border. If you have not already seen this, head on over to the Bluebird and Daisy Ravelry page and download your patterns now. Don’t forget the introduction. Everything you need to know to get started is there.


Link to Event is at bottom of post, after the photos.

Here are some of our Testers’ photos so far.

Drool worthy, right? Don’t forget to share yours. We have already seen some coming in and are loving it.

If you have not joined our event, here is the link to it.


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