The FIESTA CAL starts Friday, October 25th, 2019, and I absolutely CANNOT wait for this CAL. This is the second CAL by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir, the creator of the Havana CAL, and promises to be just as fabulous!

She will be hosting this CAL in her Facebook Group – Tinna’s Crochet Club – HERE

#fiestacal is the official hashtag and we cannot wait to see all the lovely photos on social media.

You can purchase your copy of the pattern from

In FIESTA Tinna is again working with MOSAIC CROCHET and now it’s all mosaic crochet IN THE ROUND. The blanket is composed of big octagons and small squares & triangles, which are then all joined together to form the blanket. There are 3 types of flowery octagons and 3 types of the little squares, so it’s quite versatile.

The CAL comes in 6 parts and will be available for purchase in Tinna’s Ravelry and Etsy stores. It’s a paid CAL but she will reduce the price to a 50% discount during the CAL, so it will be available for $5 during the CAL and from December 1st it will be full price at $10. There will be a release of new parts weekly, always on Friday so you can work on it over the weekend; 1st part on October 25th, 2nd part on November 1st, 3rd part on November 8th, 4th part on November 15th, 5th part on November 22nd and the 6th and final part on November 29th.

There will also be tutorials available for each part on my YouTube channel, and those will be free.

There is a YouTube video INTRO to watch that gives all of the specifics you will need to participate in this PAID CAL. The link for the YouTube Intro Video is: HERE

There are NO YARN KITS. Tinna wants you to choose the colors that speak to you and make this blanket truly your own. You will need a minimum of 2 colors, but may use as many colors as you choose.

YARN INFO: WITHOUT BORDER YARN AMOUNTS (border is not calculated and available

DK weight: 100g=205m (Suggested Yarn – Stylecraft Special DK)

SMALL: 81cm x 108cm / 32” x 43”

Flower color: 850m (3 skeins)

Main color: 1100m (4 skeins)

Frame color: 250m (2 skeins)

MEDIUM: 108cm x 135cm / 43”x54”

Flower color: 1420m (5 skeins)

Main color: 1820m (7 skeins)

Frame color: 400m (2 skeins)

LARGE: 135cm x 190cm / 54” x 76”


Sport Weight / 4ply: 50g=130m (suggested yarn – Scheepjes StoneWashed Yarn)

SMALL: 85cm x 115cm / 33” x 45”

Flower color: 785m (6 skeins)

Main color: 1215m (8 skeins)

Frame color: 190m (2 skeins)

MEDIUM: 115cm x 145cm / 45” x 57”

Flower color: 1300m (10 skeins)

Main color: 2025m (16 skeins)

Frame color: 315m (3 skeins)

LARGE: 145cm x 200cm / 57” x 79”

Flower color: 2280m (18 skeins)

Main color: 3550m (28 skeins)

Frame color: 550m (5 skeins)


Fingering Weight: 50g = 175m (Suggested Yarn – Pernilla from Filcolana)

SMALL: 66cm x 88cm / 26” x 35”

Flower color: 635m (4 skeins)

Main color: 890m (6 skeins)

Frame color: 275m (2 skeins)

MEDIUM: 88cm x 110cm / 35” x 44”

Flower color: 1055m (7 skeins)

Main color: 1495m (9 skeins)

Frame color: 460m (3 skeins)

LARGE: 110cm x 154cm / 44” x 62”

Flower color: 1850m (12 skeins)

Main color: 2630m (16 skeins)

Frame color: 800m (5 skeins)


Fingering / 4ply: 50g = 160m (Suggested Yarn – Safron by Drops)

SMALL: 75cm x 100cm / 30” x 40”

Flower color: 600m (4 skeins)

Main color: 980m (7 skeins)

Frame color: 275m (2 skeins)

MEDIUM: 100cm x 125cm / 40” x 50”

Flower color: 1000m (7 skeins)

Main color: 1635m (11 skeins)

Frame color: 455m (3 skeins)

LARGE: 125cm x 175cm / 50” x 70”

Flower color: 1575m (10 skeins)

Main color: 2860m (18 skeins)

Frame color: 800m (5 skeins)

**yarn info does NOT include border amounts and is an ESTIMATED amount. Your amounts may vary from those listed.

So gather up your supplies and meet us back here on FRIDAY for this amazing PAID CAL



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