Keep on Blooming CAL – *Week 5*

Week 5 of the Keep on Blooming CAL brings yet another beautiful floral design. One more week of hexagons, then on to the tassels and a week to catch up. So if you are falling behind a bit…. don’t worry. Week 6 hexis are quick and easy and Week 7 is truly a makeup week with just the four tassels to create!!


To get started you will need to visit Anceliga’s website to view the pattern and the Special Stitches.

You will find all of the weekly release links on her website: HERE

Previously Released:

And of course…. we must have ALL the Social Media, right?!?!?

I hope to see a full blooming garden in my newsfeed this week. Be sure to share your progress photos on CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook GROUP and into the CAL specific EVENT.

Happy Crocheting,



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