Micki’s Yarndale Adventure

SAVE THE DATE…. You won’t want to miss next year!! Not after reading about Micki’s day at Yarndale 2019…..

First you ask… who is Micki? Well let’s start off with that part shall we? Of course she is one of the Moderators for CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group, and one of the Testing Team Admin…. however, there is more to her story than just that:

Micki is the owner/designer of Mim’s Designs, and a crocheting, knitting, crafting enthusiast like no one I have ever met. And I am thankful to call her my friend. She not only finds time to create for her 4 children, but she finds time to teach them these same crafts and pass them down to the next generation so that the hand crafts we all know and love will continue on with their children hopefully as well. She aspires to own her own Shoppe one day. And I truly wish her the very best in that as I know it would be a Shoppe full of creativity, learning, fun and most importantly…. love.

Secondly….. what is Yarndale, you ask? Although I cant imagine many asking as it’s world famous and the entire crochet community has desire to travel to Skipton’s Auction Mart in Skipton, North Yorkshire, England, just to roam amongst the fibers…. Yarndale is a 2 day festival that brings nearly 200 vendors to one location to share all fibers and wooly things, be it crochet, knitting, spinning, dyeing, or felting (and I am sure I’ve still missed a few). There are lectures, classes, workshops from the most creative people you will find in our “tribe” of crochet and crafting community.

for those of you whom haven’t heard of it, be sure to follow the links to find out why you NEED to know what Yarndale is.

So…. now that we know a bit more about Micki, let’s move on to her day at Yarndale and what it’s like to journey into the world of yarn from one person’s point of view! And of course she was sporting some amazing crochet garments she made herself!

Fabulous Serged Dreams Coat Pattern by Stephanie Pokorny which you can find HERE

The vendor list for Yarndale 2019 was spectacular and I wish I could have stood at even one booth, let alone had the chance to roam through them all.

Micki has the pleasure of meeting a few of her favorite designers…..

Micki and Tatsiana of Lilla Björn Crochet

And then the next one…. happens to be a YARN “designer”….

Mothy & the Squid (Jillian Thom)

And many more…. but the photos turned out “wiggly” from laughing, or where just totally forgotten because the conversation was more important…. but the list is truly a wish list of the crochet and fiber world “who’s who”!!

Micki left with a few items…. as one can say they won’t purchase anything…. but we always do lol. Each purchase just as special as the other, project in mind while touching it, new ideas forming as we wait in line to purchase, totally new direction decided on by the time its in the bag….. and we get home and can’t decide on the 1,387,274,928,837 ideas we now have for the single ball of yarn!!!

That’s 100% PURE wool in the top right corner…. the sweater that is calling to be made shall be absolutely AMAZING!!

The day ended with some amazing memories, sore feet, and a bag of yummy, scrumptious yarn…. what more could a girl ask for?!?!?

Happy Crocheting,



there’s only a bit left to make your plans and reservations for the 2020 Yarndale (from time of publishing this blog…. lol) so don’t wait too long….. best get started right away 💗💗

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