Rhinebeck…NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, Silvana, Massiel and Jo’s Day

Rhinebeck, New York is a quaint little town with tiny shops and cute little eateries. And then…. the masses trudge in for the Yarn Festival and there is no room to move, walk, drive, or think. But oh my word!!!!! The yarn…. I have never in my life seen so much Y A R N….. and it was all there at my fingertips calling for me to take it home.

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of driving from my home (Philadelphia, PA), into New Jersey, then on to The Bronx, to pick up two amazing ladies, and spend the day getting to know each other a bit better and commute to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. Silvana Tabacchi and Massiel Lago, two of the CAL – Crochet A Long Group Admin team that I am a part of, agreed to meet in person for the first time EVER! Mind you, we speak all day long, every day, every week, every month, for years. We know more about each other than most of my family knows about me lol. But we have never actually met. That’s the wonderful thing about these Facebook Groups, they bring the world together.

Crochet isn’t just at your local Knit and Natter anymore. It’s global. And Facebook gives us that community. I am lucky enough to be a part of a much smaller group of ladies whom I call “friends” and am so glad I have had the opportunity to be an admin/moderator for CAL – Crochet A Long for the past 3+ years and share the every day lives and the Facebook post quandaries with them. And the amazing group of testers that I spend countless hours in chats with. These are my people. My tribe. My world.

Massiel (left), Silvana (center), Jo (right)

But to meet in person?!?!? Well that’s an entirely different thing. And it turned out AMAZING …. and we will be doing more crochet-ventures in the future. But for now…. let’s get back to this New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, shall we?

This is a *must see* if you are anywhere local on the East Coast (or anywhere at all lol). Vendors and Shoppes come from around the globe to share their wares. Classes, seminars, crafts for kids, FOOD… there is so much to do and see that one day most certainly is NOT long enough. But we crammed a lot into that one day. And if you ever wanted to see grown women oooo and ahhhhh and drool over the amazing selections of yarns and supplies available – this is the place!

Pawley Studio’s amazing selection of Yarn Bowls, coffee mugs and so much more…. Who could resist?!!

Silvana is wearing the White Russian Poncho she crocheted from the pattern by designer Merri Purdy.

One simply cannot leave this festival without having made a purchase. You may say you won’t (I did), and you may not take much money (I didn’t), but you will end up finding *THAT* thing you must have and fishing that money from your wallet to own that thing. And I am guilty as charged lol.

There are too many things to touch, more foods to try than you can imagine (you can bring in your own food and drinks, just don’t bring GLASS containers…. they will be confiscated), and more comradery than one can even begin to imagine amongst this Yarn Tribe.

And let us not forget….. the SHEEP! One may enter their prized sheep, wool, meat, yarn and many other categories to be judged… and sold, at this festival to honor all things SHEEP related. And you may even meet a few along your way through the stalls at Rhinebeck…..

To say that I enjoyed my trip would be an understatement, the friendship, the yarn, the food…. all wrapped into a single day of WOOL & FIBERS….. was truly amazing. I will be returning next year, I’ve already made my reservations. Perhaps I will see you there???? Be sure to check out their WEBSITE and see what was available for this festival HERE so that you can plan your trip and start thinking of the seminars and book signings you would like to attend…. I’m already working on my list!!!

Happy Crocheting,



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