Mosaic Sampler Cal – Week 10

October 30, 2019

Hard to believe we are at Week 10, with the final part, the third border. Some of you are ready for part 10, some may just be at the beginning. A lot of times we say to enjoy the journey. What exactly does that mean? To me it is the special place that working on something you enjoy takes you to. As I look down at my colors, I feel a sense of inner peace and calm while I work the rhythmic patterns. My journey has taken me to trickling cool spring waters and lavender scented air. Now it is almost time to complete that final sttich and walk away a different person or with a different perspective than when you began. I had the pleasure of being lead admin in the testing of this pattern. I trusted our group of skilled testers because I personally had never done this type of crochet before. I loved the pattern from the first moment I saw it, was in awe of it, but looked at it as something I could not do. It reminded me of the tapestry weaving my mom used to do when making bedspreads in Italy with her grandmother. Each of her children got one as part of their “dowry.” Mine was made by the time I was four years old.

The pattern was tested, each blanket exquisite in the unique colorway of the tester and I was just so fascinated. I aspired to make one, thought I couldnt handle something this size. The day the CAL began something made me just go for it. I searched my stash, grabbed some colors that appealed to me and went straight to the video. I took the first step of an incredible journey and I am glad I did. I amazed myself that I was able to keep up. Every week, until Part 7, I snuck in a row here and there during a chaotic day. I stayed up into the wee hours in my oasis. I had to have my fix. Then I had days where it was totally impossible to fit that in as well and I realized it was MY journey. There is no rush. So while I may not finish exactly as the CAL is over, IT DOESNT MATTER. I can say I was able to prolong the journey.

Moira Douglas of Daisyknots has really gifted us with this incredible pattern. During this whole CAL period, it has been wonderful to see all of the beautiful blankets shared by all making it, and how they transformed week by week. Some, were familiar with this style of crochet, others, like me, picked it up for the very first time. Either way, they all turned out great!! Moira’s hope before starting this CAL was to convert as many people as possible to mosaic crochet, and she certainly has succeeded. Whether it was through reading the clear and precise charts, or listening to her soft-spoken voice in the videos, the pattern was quite easy to follow, and there is no longer the intimidation of, “I can’t do this!” Now, it’s, “Yes, I did it!!.” And believe me, it became pretty addicting. She would like to thank all that have taken part in this CAL, has enjoyed meeeting new people, and had a lot of fun with this. There have been so many beautiful samplers out there, it has truly warmed the heart to see.

Now with this final part, it is time to say good bye. At least for this project. I have a feeling we will get to see more of this wonderful designer’s work. We all anxiously await to see what beauty comes out next from Daisyknots.

Here are some of the beautiful completed blankets by our testers. Please continue to share your photos and your journey with us.

Here is the long awaited link:

Sorry, long post, but I truly enjoyed this CAL and hope you all did too. THANK YOU to all!


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