FIESTA CAL….. Week 3

Week 3 of the FIESTA CAL we have 3 little squares, and the SAGA square. Don’t forget that this paid CAL is still discounted throughout the entire CAL schedule. And…. it has amazing video tutorials. Be sure to stop by Tinna’s Facebook group and drop a photo right after you have left us one of your progress on this spectacular blanket on our newsfeed!

#FIESTACAL is truly one of the most versatile stash busting cals I have seen in w very long time. No worries on running for more yarn if you haven’t started yet (and you have even a tiny stash), there are so many possibilities for color combinations with this design…… you truly can make it with “what you have”.

Here is the link for the tutorial for part 3:

Week 3 – YouTube link

Here is the link to the tutorial for part 2:

Week 2 – YouTube Link

Here is the link to the tutorial for part 1:

Week 1 – YouTube Link

The Crochet Along is hosted in Tinna’s Crochet ClubFacebook Group, as well as the CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group, where you can get all the help and support you need. please join us there for the FIESTA FUN!

AND…… Be sure to get your pattern now…. while it is 50% off, so you can join in on this amazing CAL and spice up the winter months with your own FIESTA!! 

For more info on the yarn stats (how much yarn you will need for your FIESTA BLANKET in various sizes) please visit this website: HERE

You can also check the introduction video on YouTube for some tips on how to work your colors in this CAL: Intro Video


The size of the octagons will vary depending on the hook and yarn you use. My Fiesta octagons are approx. 21 x 21 cm, and my Fiesta squares are approx. 9 x 9 cm. 
This is a joined blanket, so you can easily make any size of blanket you want. But just to give you some guidelines, here are 4 sizes:

Baby blanket = 3 x 4 octagons (12) 
Medium blanket = 4 x 5 octagons (20) 
Big blanket = 5 x 7 octagons (35) 
Full Fiesta = 7 x 9 octagons (63)

Abbreviations (US terms): (all stitches used SO FAR)

ST = stitch 
CH = chain stitch 
SS = slip stitch 
SC = single crochet 
HDC = half double crochet 
DC = double crochet 
FPDC = front post double crochet 
EXDC = extended DC 
TR = treble 
DC 2tog / 3tog = work 2 or 3 DCs together 
TR 2tog = work 2 trebles together

I do hope to see hundreds more of these amazing “tiles” in our newsfeed!!! What truly stunning pieces – no matter WHAT COLORS – and I’m just in awe of the beauty you are all creating!! 

A few things to help out along the way by Tina, herself….. 

now, some practical stuff:

1. FIESTA is not a beginners pattern. It’s complicated. That’s a fact! So if you are struggling and are perhaps a mosaic first timer or haven’t been crocheting for long, please do check out one of my easier patterns first to try out this technique with a simpler pattern. Best to start with a sampler of my last years HAVANA CAL, then Terrazzo (I have free tutorials for both of these available on my YouTube channel) and THEN give FIESTA another try! 

2. Yes I know my videos are worked at a fast pace. I absolutely loathe working with those super slow tutorials, so obviously I won’t do my tutorials that way you can always slow down the video (click the 3 white dots in the top right corner and you’ll get some speed options). As an added bonus, I then look and sound like I’m absolutely wasted, so that’s always fun! 

3. I know some of you will have a preference for either written pattterns or video tutorials, in this case I really recommend using both together. That seems to be giving the best results! 

4. If you’re struggling or stumped, PLEASE POST A PIC of your problem in my Facebook Group so we can help! I understand your frustration and maybe you just need to vent, but ultimately the goal must be to be able to continue and finish your FIESTA tile! And as you will see, we are so lucky to have amazing support here in the group from my admins and testers (you guys really are THE BEST! ) we really are all so very willing to help you guys, but in order to do that we really need a visual to see where you’re going wrong. So please don’t be shy and post a pic of what you’ve got so far and what seems to be the problem. I’m sure we will then be able to figure it out together

Happy Crocheting,


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