Daisy’s Nine Square CAL – Part 6

Part 6 has now been released at Bluebird and Daisy, and it is another one created in one piece. No parts to join together, will flow easily off of your hook and looks very pretty. This one, too, can always be made as a separate blanket if you so desire. In fact, all of the squares are turning out so beautifully, they work well together into one big blanket as designed, or can be made as multiple blankets. Definitely a pattern to enjoy any way you choose. You will find the link after checking out our beautiful photos from testers. Their hard work is much appreciated.

So here you go, find the pattern to this square as well as all of the previous ones right here:


Do share your progress with us on our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/378298496174403/



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