Daisy’s Nine Square CAL – by Bluebird and Daisy – PART 7

Today Part 7, Square 7 is released. Remember, there are nine large squares, but twelve parts as the border consists of three separate parts. If you have been keeping up, good for you! If not, no worries. Take your time, plan your colors and enjoy. This is one you can have fun with when deciding color placement. You choose what you want to stand out. Your squares will magically turn into diamonds, and your creation will be priceless. Sparkle factor up to you. I love the way the chain spaces align so perfectly, forming straight lines.

I really enjoyed looking through all of the testers’ photos because each one is so unique. Don’t you agree? Go ahead, make it yours, and share it with us. Cannot wait to see.

Follow this link to Bluebird and Daisy’s Ravelry page, which will have all of the parts so far. In case you are new to this CAL, welcome!



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