Daisy’s Nine Square CAL by Bluebird and Daisy – Part 9

We have reached Part 9!! When this one is completed, you will have NINE gorgeous big squares to arrange however you like. Joining instructions are also included at the end of this pattern, so for the next part, the border, you will be all set. Part 10 will be released on December 24th, so there is a break in between. No pattern on December 17, time to get caught up, do your joining, or even start the CAL if you have not already done so. You will definitely have a hard time choosing a favorite one, but you won’t have to. This square, too, can make a great blanket all on its own.

As with all of the squares, your color placement can make a big difference in the look. Here is some inspiration.

Find the pattern to this square and all of the other ones here:


Have fun with it, you are at the home stretch! Keep sharing your photos.

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