Daisy’s Nine Square CAL – by Bluebird and Daisy – Part 11

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a chance to catch up with all of the squares in first border part. We are getting so very close to the end of the CAL. Just one more week after this one, and then you can enjoy your beautiful and diverse blanket. So many looks you can achieve! For week 11, the border sides of the blanket are very pretty hexagons. While there are quite a bit of them, it will go fairly quickly. Depending on how you place your colors, you can get many different looks, all with the same pattern.

Just look at all of these beauties! Our testers are pretty creative!

You can find the pattern for this section, as well as all previous ones, here:


Please make sure you share your photos with us! We would love to see all of your combinations. Go to our event page at:


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