Daisy’s Nine Square CAL by Bluebird & Daisy – Part 12

This is it!!! The very last part of the blanket, the corners. Hard to believe it will be totally completed after this. What a wonderful journey of exploration this has been. We at CAL Crochet a Long wish to thank the wonderful designer, Bluebird & Daisy for sharing her great pattern with all of us. When completed, you have one very unique, fairly large blanket. But not only that, you now have the expertise to take any of those squares, or a combination of them, and make smaller blankets as desired. Let your creativity run with it. Even if it seemed overwhelming to make the whole thing, believe me, it is totally worth it!

This is what the corners will look like:

A special thank you to our testers who provided us with some beautiful blankets to show! Keep checking the event page as more people post their completed ones. Make sure to post yours as well.

Find all 12 parts by following this link:


And the event can be found here. Don’t forget to check


Enjoy the warmth and beauty that this blanket contains! Thank you for all of your participation with this.

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