Narcissus CAL – *Parts 2-4*

Have you ever just relied on technology? And not then double checked later on???? Well…. have learned my lesson on that one! Scheduled blog articles *may not actually post* as scheduled 🙄

Sooooooo….. back on track with checking each one each week – and here we go back with the weeks that are missing. My apologies to designer Rosina Plane for missing that these posts didn’t go up as they should have…..


In Part 2 we start making the hexagons, and the pattern for this is now available in Rosina’s Ravelry store.

Which can be found >>HERE<<


This week we will be completing the rest of the hexagons.

The pattern is very similar to Part 2, except we will be adding an extra colour to the background.

Which can be found >>HERE<<


It is now time to join all your lovely hexagons together, ready to start on the border next week.

Which can be found >>HERE<<

PART 5 – will be released on February 4, 2020

PART 6 – will be released on February 11, 2020

PART 7 – will be released on February 18, 2020

If you have not started this beautiful springtime CAL – here is where you can find the information needed to start your own stunning flower patch!!

You can find the Weekly releases on Ravelry >HERE< and in Rosina’s Crochet Facebook Group >HERE<

The introduction is available to download from right here as well:

Narcissus CAL Facebook Event can be found >HERE<

Don’t let Spring sneak up on you without having this beautiful blanket started and waiting to sit outside with for a lovely cuppa each morning as you watch the flowers bloom and the trees begin to turn green again.

Happy Crocheting,


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