Narcissus CAL – *Part 6*

Part 6 of Narcissus is probably the trickiest part of the CAL, where we change the shape from a hexagon to a dodecagon (twelve sides).

So long as you read the pattern carefully and take it one step at a time you should get through it OK, but if you get stuck hop over to the Rosina Crochet Facebook Group and Rosina will of course try her best to help you.

You will find the weekly releases available at the following links:

  • Ravelry >HERE< 
  • Rosina’s Crochet Group >HERE<

The introduction is available to download from right here as well:

And of course – join the Facebook Event to stay upto date on announcements for this CAL: 

Narcissus CAL Facebook Event can be found >HERE<

Happy Crocheting,



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