Jahanara Shawl Wrap


We are pleased to introduce a fabulous shawl, the Jahanara Shawl, by Saleha Waseem.  This was inspired by a Mugal Princess named Jahanara Begum.  When you read the introduction, you will find out more about this powerful princess, and realize who her parents were.  Make sure to read the introduction also for the materials needed, and stitches involved.

The shawl is truly a reflection of beauty, grace and elegance, with lots of texture mixed in.  While the level of crochet is considered Intermediate, rest assured that even a beginner can do this.  The pattern is well-written and there will be videos available, made by Tania Leis, who has made many wonderful videos for our CAL group.


The designer, Saleha Waseem lives in Multan, Pakistan.  She loves to travel with her family across the country as they have so much natural beauty there.  Recently, Pakistan has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations.  Looking at her gorgeous photos, one can see why.


We really are excited that Saleha is sharing this amazing pattern, and a bit of history with us.  The CAL consists of 6 pattern parts.  Week 1 begins on March 30, it will run for six consecutive weeks and the last part will be released on May 4th.

Just look at some of the gorgeous shawls our testers have made.  Truly a beautiful, cannot miss, pattern. It is perfect for year-round enjoyment.  You or your lucky recipient will feel like a princess as well, when wearing it.

You can find the link to the CAL Introduction which includes all the CAL particulars as well as Saleha’s bio on Saleha’s Ravelry page.

Do be sure to join the event as well.






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