FATW5 – What’s next?

So I’m sure you are all wondering….. what’s next???? Well we are less than 2 weeks from start of our Friends Around the World Fifth Anniversary CAL and I have yet to see a single color inspiration post or yarn choice post!!!! Where ARE THEY????

Tania Leis has taken the time to make an “introduction video” that gives some stitches to practice or learn if you are not familiar with them just yet. And I will add that link right: HERE

Throughout the next 2 weeks I will be making some “fun” posts in the group incorporating the names of the squares into my posts (still without telling you who made the exact square tho lol) and sharing photos of those squares listed in the posts. So be sure to follow along in our Facebook Group for some most likely hilarious grammar issues and funny mistakes trying to add square names into a post and have it make some sort of sense. (I think this social distancing may actually be causing me to be a bit bored and I need a little fun.) I cannot wait to see the comments on these posts as others use the names to create their own “stories”. All squares listed will be in “quotation marks” so that they will be easy to find and use in your own story in the comments of my post! Let’s have a bit of fun while we wait for APRIL 16 to arrive. Shall we????

And I shall also be adding posts with yarn information for each of the tester’s color ways throughout this week. Perhaps you are digging in your stash for colors and need some inspiration? Or maybe you are waiting for the specific yarn brand to order? Well that information is coming THIS WEEK!!

So until next time……

HAPPY CROCHETING – and stay healthy!!


3 thoughts on “FATW5 – What’s next?

  1. Hi. I would love to join the group as well. Been following you all where I can for about two months. Lol. Looking forward to FATW5. Hoping to see you all in the FB group where I can review the hints and color ways. 🙂


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