Jahanara Shawl Wrap – Week 2

As you begin to work on week 2, relax and transport yourself to the world of Princess Jahanara, and really try to feel why she was so special and the inspiration to this shawl for Saleha Waseem, from Crochet Karma.

I am sure that if Princess Jahanara was around to see all of these shawls springing up, she would be so thrilled, and it would certainly fit in with her finery.

Our testers have done a great job with theirs, and you can see how they were growing, each in its own beauty.

We hope that you have been watching the video of part 1 that Tania Leis has made and seen how very easy it is for you to follow along.  There is now a video for part 2, so check that out as well.  You can watch and follow along as this stunning shawl grows.

Video Tutorial by Tania Leis

Share your photos as well on our event page and if you have not already joined, you can do that as well.    CAL Facebook Event

Week 2:  Jahanara Shawl Wrap Week 2 Ravelry Pattern 


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